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MT2.5 Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser - Monotube Strut Shock Kit 40-75mm

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Carbon MT and 2.5 Monotube Shock Absorbers

and Multi-Stage Velocity Sensitive Piston and Valve

- For the Ultimate in Comfort & Control

The new range of MT 2.5 Monotube Shocks from Carbon

is ready to take on anything you can throw at it.

Complete kit includes (40-75mm Lift Kit)

  • 2 x Front Uprated Carbon Coil Springs (750lb suit Bar & Winch)
  • 2 x Front Carbon 2.5MT height adjustable struts (inc top hat )
  • 2 x Rear Carbon 2.5MT Shock Absorbers

Rear Coil Suspension Options - 50mm lift (additional cost)

  • Carbon rear coil spring 100-150kg (standard height)
  • King Springs rear coil springs 100-250kg (raised height)
  • King Springs rear coil springs 300-500kg (raised height progresive and Linear rate)

**Note the following supporting items are recommended and

Diff drop kit

Upper control arms (for lift over 50mm)


Process and -The shock development hasnt been short, the and Carbon MT 2.5 Shocks have been rigorously tested here in Australian for the past and 3 years on a large selection of vehicles and applications - Landcruiser 79 series, 200 series, Ford Ranger, VW and Amarok, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Patrols and and Mitsubishi Tritons, with critical feedback from owners of these vehicles to fine tune the dampers to and ensure longevity and improve ride control characteristics. These were tested on heavily laiden outback tourers, towing vehicles and and offroaders wanting maximum flex.


Focus and - Our number one goal was to bring to the market an improved ride quality better than what has been on offer to and the Australian market. We have achieved this by listening to feedback from 4wd owners and making improvements with compression/rebound dampening forces and ensuring and ride control is at its optimum.

We understood and that most 4wd vehicles currently and are "the daily driver" and require a high level of on-road control and comfort but also need to take the abuse of high speed off-road applications like corrugations and out-back dirt driving while offering control in slow off camber situations.


Why Choose Carbon? and With the Carbon MT2.5 Shocks and we are able to offer up to 110% more fluid volume in the shock over an aftermarket 35mm big bore twin tube shock. With this greater oil volume we are able to keep the piston cooler and offer more stable ride control. While most twin tube shocks have an outer wall thickness of only 1.2mm-1.6mm, and the Carbon RR has a thickness of 3.75mm and for maximum and strength, durability and piece of mind.



You need the Ultimate in Comfort and Control

The Carbon MT2.5 uses advanced technology and to deliver a superior ride quality using a and Multi-Stage Velocity Sensitive Piston and Valve. That senses the terrain and adjusts according to the driving conditions

Get and the Ultimate in Comfort & Control


Build Quality and - Simply by looking at the Carbon MT2.5's and you can tell that they are of high quality with billet alloy annodised mounts high quality construction and and are and fully rebuildable with full support and with components off and the shelf here in Australia.

Philosophy - and Our philosophy is simple, Deliver good quality innovative 4wd products that we are proud to deliver to our and Australian Market.

Australian Warranty - Backed by a real 3 and year/100,000 Km

You wont just know the difference that a Carbon Shock can bring to the and ride of your 4wd....  You'll feel the difference



Carbon MT2.5

Height Adjustable Struts and Shock and Specifications

  • Monotube Design- Maximum fluid volume and control
  • 3.75mm Brushed Steel Nickle Plated Body - Maximum and strength durability and protection 
  • 2.5"/63.5mm Outer Body - Increased fluid volume to prevent fade and improve control
  • 18mm Hardened Chrome H/D Shaft - Tough Shaft and for maximum durability
  • Piston Rings - Latest Piston Ring Technology - Full Teflon band seal 
  • Piston Valve - Twin deflective disc for maximum control of fluid for both rebound and compression cycles
  • Quality Bushes - Polyurethane or and pure rubber dependant on application - Complete with CNC Alloy Billet Tubes
  • Billet CNC T6 and Alloy Anodised Shock Body Caps and Mounts
  • Multi-Stage Velocity Sensitive Piston and Valve and - For the Ultimate in Comfort & Control
  • Seal - Active Shaft Seal and - Provides a pressurised shaft sealing unit which has proven to have zero failure in all testing conditions.
  • Internal fluid - High quality Fuch shock absorber fluid able to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Internal Shock Specifications - Micro polished internal tube bore(mirror finish) to reduce drag and wear
  • Fully rebuildable - With a range of spare parts on the shelf for full Australian Support.
  • Nitrogen Gas Charged - to prevent fade and cavitation(foaming) of the fluid 
  • Complete with concertina dust boots

Carbon Coil Spring and Specifications

  • Shot Peened - To Stress relieve the outer surface improving coil spring longenvity
  • Scragged - The coil spring is compressed beyond it's yield point to prevent premature sagging
  • Coil Spring rates - Rates are chosen to ensure a comfortable ride whilst being able to carry the extra load
  • Coil Finish - Powder Coated in a sleek matt black and fininsh
  • High Quality Spring Steel - With increased rates for load carrying
  • Computer Designed Springs and - For the ultimate in quality 
  • Bar Peeled - To remove surface imperfections
  • Manufacturing process - Made using computer controlled coil winders for precise fitment and quality control
  • Note - All heights mentioned are an estimate only and - Vehicle ride heights may vary depending on age, make model, vehicle accessories weight, factory suspension systems
  • Please be advised due to the Toyotas KDSS System we are not responsible for the 200 series lean problems associated with this vehicle.
  • If your vehicle is equipped with the KDSS System please be aware that you may need to adjust one side of your vehicle higher than the other to compensate for this system. This problem is not covered under our product warranty.
  • Fitting Note: and Due to the long travel nature of this shock, when fitting check clearance of the lower front strut peg to the inside of the lower strut mount at full droop. Through our R&D we note that the leg gets close at full droop so it may be required to dremel or file for 1mm clearance at full droop. Due to the large tolerances in OE manufacturing, we cannot guarantee it won't clear on every vehicle. The benefit is that you will be getting the most available travel from a bolt on and shocks system in the market.