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Carbon Scout Pro - 15000lb Winch V3 24V

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Please note this item is a custom build and my take up to 14 days to dispatch.

The Carbon Offroad Scout Pro Extreme Duty Performance Series winches are built with the frequent use winching user in mind who is tackling harsh offroad conditions on a regular basis, or the owner of vehicles which are extremely heavy, kitted out or towing in offroad conditions.

With larger modulus gearsets compared to our CW-12K, increased motor horsepower and standard inclusions from our premium accessory range including the Mega-Pro Winch Rope Thimble and Mega-Pro Premium Fairlead, you are getting a best of the best package straight out of the box. 

Did you Know: "Module" is the unit of size that indicates how big or small a gear is. It is the ratio of the reference diameter of the gear divided by the number of teeth.

The Scout Pro series winches share the same 2023 Version 3 Winch Chassis as our tried and tested 12K winch. This allows fitment into most larger 4x4 utes and 4x4 Wagons. Due to the longer 7.0HP Motor, you should consult the technical drawing to determine clearance and fitment length on your winch mount. Most larger vehicles such as RAM, F-Truck and Silverado are generally wide enough to not be a problem, Fitment to any dual cab, 70 series, 200 series or any other similar sized 4wd wagon should be confirmed prior to purchase. The responsibility of the fitment is that of the end-user or installer.  

The 15000lb winch comes with 11mm high density pre stretched premium UHMWPE winch rope rated at a whopping 9000kg minimum breaking strain. 

  • Carbon Winch 2023 V3 winch chassis
  • 7.0HP Motor
  • 218:1 heavy duty performance gearbox
  • 11mm Synthetic Rope with HD braced rope thimble
  • Carbon Offroad MEGAPRO Premium CNC billet type 3 hard anodised multi position fairlead
  • Carbon Offroad MEGAPRO Winch Hook
  • High performance heavy duty upgraded solenoid unit, the solenoid in this winch is rated to 100amps more than the CW-12K solenoid unit. 
  • Installed weight of 26.7kg
24V DC performance specs (first layer of drum)      
Line Pull Line Speed Motor Pull by layer
Lbs.(Kgs.) FT./min(M/min.) Current layer/Lbs(Kgs.)
0 27.9(8.5)  34 amps  1/15,000 (6810)
2000 (910)  11.8(3.6)  60 amps  2/12,700(5765)
6000 (2720)  9.5(2.9)  80 amps  3/10,770 (4890)
10000 (4540)  6.6 (2.0)  108 amps  4/9,130(4145)
13000 (5900)  4.6 (1.4)  134 amps  
15000 (6818)  3.6 (1.1)  190 amps