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Carbon Offroad Winch Hook Holder Utility Mount

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Sick of reaching all the way underneath your rig to unlatch the winch hook from those recovery points located way underneath your bullbar?

I know we got pretty sick of it!

The winch utility hook is primarily designed to bolt into the fairlead bolt hole and provide a point for the winch hook to attach to which is easy to access and most of all, looks amazing on the front of your rig.

For winches where the mounting bolt for the winch uses the same hole as the fairlead mount, you could simply mount this hook off to one side or wherever will work for your setup. Depending on the thickness of the material you are going through you could space out or simply grind the bottom part of the hook mount recess to suit allowing for a tight cinch up on the mounting point

The beauty of this little hook is that it can also be used for an endless number of other uses around your rig as a standard hook for hanging items in a canopy or organising items on the back of a cargo barrier.

This will suit most narrow standard style hooks on the market, not the wider style that sits flat agaisnt the fairlead.  


The hook is made from high quality 6061 T6 alloy and is anodised in Carbon Maroon or Carbon Black.

It comes with a stainless cap head bolt, flat and spring washer with standard nut.