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4 x Carbon Monkey Fist 13T Soft Shackle Combo Deal

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Get 4 x Carbon Offroad 13T Monkey Fist Soft Shackles

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The Carbon Offroad Monkey Fist Soft Shackle is an absolute winner!

The 10mm UHMWPE rope is rated at 13 tonnes minimum breaking strain and with a super heavy duty braided tight sheath over the core, this shackle is built to take some abuse. 


Mininum Breaking Strain - 13209KG


The oversized Monkey Fist knot will ensure that there is Zero chance of the shackle ever coming apart during a recovery. 

The braided heavy duty sheath allows you to go straight through a regular recovery point. Make sure it's in good nick though as the shackles can be damaged if the recovery point has nicks and burrs from previous use. 

Easy disassembly of the shackle after load is applied is just as easy if not easier than a steel shackle. 


You can use rope shackles for a number of uses: 


  • Connecting your vehicle to a snatch strap or kinetic rope

  • Connecting a tree trunk protector strap to the winch hook

  • Connecting two straps together to extend your reach. 

  • It also gives you further options like using it as an attachment point around a chassis rail or crossmember

  • Includes storage bag